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What-to-Do-With-Old-MattressesHateJunk.com Broward County Junk Removal

The Junktique Collector Inc. removes just about anything including old mattresses. Something not enough people seem to know is The Junktique Collector focuses specifically on the removal and disposal of unwanted furniture and mattresses. We ensure that your mattresses and other debris are picked up in a timely manner with flexible scheduling, and that it is disposed of in a responsible way that is safe and supportive of the environment. This is an important issue; we recycle tons of materials each year. Although these services will cost some money, it is money incredibly well spent.

We at The Junktique Collector urge you to give away, donate or sell what you can. Keeping it at home means you lose valuable space. Additionally, it will mean the old mattress and junk can collect dust and bugs, even nests of small animals live in your garage filled with old junk. These pests can damage your health and that of your family. Clearly, using a removal and disposal company is the best possible option. Get to know us, please visit HateJunk.com, our site is filled with information, including a basic price list, our schedules are flexible so call us today to discuss your project.

Mattresses are big, expensive and cumbersome. Somewhere deep down inside, we know that they won't last forever, but since we don't really know just how long we can keep them, and what we should do with them once they are worn out, we often keep them much longer than we actually should. Mattresses do cost a lot of money, as a consequence, we put up with our mattresses for years and years, even though we start to get back pain and we're not really comfortable anymore. We flip our mattress and hope the other side will last for a little while longer, until it really is totally threadbare. Of course, this is not how we should work on our comfort during sleep. So how often should we replace our mattress? The Junktique Collector Inc. That was easy!

The official recommendation is to replace your mattress every seven years on average. This is an average figure, because it does depend on a huge range of factors. Naturally, the higher the quality of your mattress, the longer you are able to use it. Additionally, if you look after it properly, air it regularly and flip it every month or so, you will also increase its lifespan. There are also a number of factors that may mean you need to replace it sooner. For instance, if you take on a partner or child, if you put on or lose a lot of weight, if you develop allergies or if you develop a medical condition, it may mean you have to replace your mattress quicker or even instantly. Don’t forget about bedbugs!

For a free estimate for the removal of your old unwanted items, or just for general junk removal in Broward and Palm Beach Counties including North Dade County, The Junktique Collector is at your service call today: 954-452-9780 or visit our site at HateJunk.com. We look forward to working with you soon.

How we remove old furnitureAre you moving home and stuck with all the old stuff you don't want anymore?
Have you been left with a property full of furniture because your tenants did a moonlight flit?
Has a relative of yours passed on, leaving you with all the contents of their home?

If so, then you will be happy to know WE REMOVE OLD FURNITURE. All you need to do is give us a call and discuss a few of the details. If there is anything more specific we need to know in terms of how many vans we need to bring, or which size, we will make an appointment to come and see what there is before setting a date to come and pick everything up. Same Day Service is available. Our professional team members will then come into the property and remove everything for you. No need to box or bag items, we will remove everything from where it is.

Our members of staff are all incredibly sensitive to the possible emotional nature of the job at hand. Because WE REMOVE OLD FURNITURE, we know that the furniture often has to be removed because somebody has died. The furniture may not be to your style, or perhaps you simply don't have the space in your home to keep it.

However, that does not mean you don't have an emotional attachment to the furniture and we are fully empathic of this. We will remove all the old furniture with the greatest care and respect. Naturally, if you need a moment to compose yourself, we are fully understanding of that as well. Our goal is to make sure you receive the service that you need in a way that leaves you feeling good and satisfied. Your satisfaction as our customer is the most important thing, in other words. On that note, we have experienced the opposite of emotional attachment to furniture as well.

There have been numerous occasions where the old furniture we had to pick up belonged to an ex, often only just gone from the property. In these cases, when we remove the old furniture, all the client wants is for us to treat the furniture as roughly as possible. In this case, however, we try not to oblige, understanding instead that it is fueled by anger.

Moving home is one of the three most stressful things in a person's life, next to a wedding and a death in the family. Interestingly, moving home is often tied in with a wedding or a death in the family. Because WE REMOVE OLD FURNITURE, we are there to make all of these experiences as non-stressful as possible. Take a deep breath, and let us take care of it.

Cleaning foreclosed homes in Fort Lauderdale, FloridaBanks foreclose on mortgages, which forces people to move out very quickly. More often than not, this means that people still have a lot of their belongings left inside the property when the banks place new locks on all the doors and windows. Indeed, it is not uncommon for people to simply skip town, since they don't have anywhere to put their belongings anyway. They simply take their most precious belongings and start a new life.

A foreclosure is horrible for all parties involved, of course, including for the banks who are then left with nearly fully furnished properties. Sometimes, added to this, the properties are very poorly maintained and are incredibly dirty. Hence, banks often require the services of a company or individual that can clean out a property.

Cleaning foreclosed homes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is therefore very important. Indeed, without these types of businesses, entire neighborhoods could potentially be dragged down; starting to look decrepit and poorly cared for, which will lower house prices further and so on. It is a known fact that communities where many homes have been foreclosed become very desolate and deprived, and doing work to at least cosmetically avoid this is incredibly important.

The Junktique Collector Inc. is A Family Owned and Operated Junk Removal and Trash out service, with over 20 years Removing Junk in Fort Lauderdale Fl. We not only clean out residential properties, we also clean out Businesses, store fronts, storage units and offer basic property cleanup.

Cleaning companies do have to be good ones, however. Firstly, they have to be officially registered. Cleaning foreclosed homes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida means that these companies have to register both with the state and the federal government. They will also need an employer identification number (EIN), which they will receive from the federal government.

You can ask for these details to ensure the company operates according to the rules. Next, you have to make sure that they have business liability insurance in place, as well as worker's compensation insurance if they work with employees. Make sure that this is specific to Hauling businesses. Because they will be doing a physical job, injury is a very real risk.

The risk of damaging the properties they are cleaning out is also very real. Clearly, insurance is not an unnecessary luxury. The Junktique Collector a/k/a/ HateJunk.com is Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Hiring an unlicensed / uninsured business can result in fines and you getting ripped off.

You also have to make sure that the company is actually able to do their job. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida cleaning foreclosed homes is what we have been doing for 20 years, we have all the equipment and man power needed, We Place Dumpsters when appropriate, but most of our Junk Removal from Fort Lauderdale is done by Truck and Trailer, with nothing left on your property.

With a little bit of research, you should be able to find a good company now that you are aware of the things to look for. Working with a good company is very important to ensure the job is done appropriately and at a good rate. Hence, make sure you also understand your quotation.

The Junktique Collector Inc. will send an Owner/Manager to each job, not random workers, our workmen are OSHA trained and are fully covered by Workman’s Comp.Ins., Our estimate are always free, please send pictures or schedule an in person Free Estimate, when you call our office you can always speak to an Owner, We return our messages promptly.

Call The Junktique Collector Today, 954-452-9780 or 1-866 I Love Junk. Or visit our website at HateJunk.com Vicki & Michael Grusby and Family have served the Fort Lauderdale Junk Removal Market for more than 20 years. We also offer Junk Removal Service in Palm Beach County.

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