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Junk Removal Prices for Broward County Florida

Miami Dade and Palm Beach County Clients please add $30.00 to the Broward County Basic Pricing listed below.

We offer up-front junk removal prices and free on-site estimates. If you agree to the estimate, we will complete most jobs at that time. Extra large or more complex trash hauling jobs will be scheduled around our flexible schedule which includes evenings and weekends.

Commercial junk removal prices available for Realtors, Attorneys, Property Owners and Managers, Contractors and Others who will use our services throughout the year. Request commercial prices.

Minimum one item, furniture or appliance. (add $10.00 off the ground floor)


Two items furniture or appliances. (add $25.00 off the ground floor)


Small load on 6' x 12' or 7' x 14' open trailer. Includes up to one hour of labor and up to 1,000 pounds, approximately equivalent to one load in a full-size pickup truck. (add $35.00 off the ground floor)


Medium load on 6' x 12' or 7' x 14' open trailer. Includes up to 2 hours of labor and up to 2,000 pounds. (add $35.00 off the ground floor)


Large load on 6' x 12' or 7' x 14' open trailer. Includes up to 3 hours of labor and up to 2,000 pounds. (add $50.00 off the ground floor)

$500 to $750.00

Concrete, rock, sand, tile and dirt loads will be charged at a base rate per 1/2-load per 6' x 12' open trailer. Up to 2,000 pounds. (includes 2 hours of labor)


Odor Abatement -- commercial ozone application -- (typically 2 large rooms) includes treatment with Odo Ban, a non toxic, water-soluble eucalyptus based odor eliminator.

$75 per hour

Organizing/Sorting Services - 3 hour minimum. *Call for pricing for your unique situation.


  • Vicki & Michael and Family are available for personal service to help with Families who have lost a Loved One and need help cleaning out a home, condo, storage unit or office.

  • Loads include stated labor and dumping fees.
  • Extra labor charges are charged in 1-hour increments of $75.00, one hour minimum.
  • We supply 20 and 30-yard dumpsters, including labor (2 business day notice required). Rates vary depending on job.
  • Food waste and special waste will be disposed of at the incinerator. Call for pricing.
  • Dumpster enclosure clean out/trash placed in dumpster. Hourly labor rates apply. (one hour minimum)

We Accept Competitor Coupons!

We accept competitor's coupons. One coupon per household, cannot be combined with other offers, restrictions apply, coupons apply to advertised pricing, no coupons accepted on commercial accounts or commercial pricing.

  • Extra weight charge - over 2,000 pounds; $100.00 per 1,000 pounds. (minimum $100.00)
  • Overload charge - $75.00 for large loads with large bulk items on top of load.
  • Tires and batteries - CALL FOR PRICING

This is a basic framework of our pricing, all jobs will be estimated using this framework, prices do not jump from one price to another. Please call for your free no obligation Estimate. We beat the other guys written estimate.

We offer full service EXTREME CLEANING. You think its bad, we’ve seen worse! We Clean out Hoarder Houses! Always Free Estimates.

Junk Removal Prices for Broward County Florida

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