Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

Banks foreclose on mortgages, which forces people to move out very quickly. More often than not, this means that people still have a lot of their belongings left inside the property when the banks place new locks on all the doors and windows. Indeed, it is not uncommon for people to simply skip town, since […]


How We Remove Old Furniture

Are you moving home and stuck with all the old stuff you don’t want anymore?Have you been left with a property full of furniture because your tenants did a moonlight flit?Has a relative of yours passed on, leaving you with all the contents of their home? If so, then you will be happy to know WE […]


What to do with old mattress? Broward County Junk Removal The Junktique Collector Inc. removes just about anything including old mattresses. Something not enough people seem to know is The Junktique Collector focuses specifically on the removal and disposal of unwanted furniture and mattresses. We ensure that your mattresses and other debris are picked up in a timely manner with flexible scheduling, and that it […]